Value and Quality Go into Every Piece of University Loft Furniture

When it comes to manufacturing furniture, University Loft raises the standard high because we value our customers. What we want for you is the best product that will serve you well. From the idea on paper to the front lines where they’re built, value and quality go into every piece of University Loft furniture. We select strong wood and powerful steel and metal so that the furniture will last for generations.

When it comes to opening up a room where space is constricted, University Loft leads the way. For student residence, kids sharing a room, or a small studio apartment, our modular furniture allows you to go vertical with your furniture to allow for more floor space. You can be creative reconfigure your room as often as you like. Our Tool-Less System makes it as easy as 1-2-3!

Your safety comes first at University Loft Company. We go above and beyond the standard regulations to make sure that our furniture is safe. From flame resistant fabrics and materials to guard rails on the bunk bed, ULC puts safety first.

Conserving our natural world is important to us. Every year on the grounds of University Loft Company in Greenfield, Indiana, we have a tree planting day where high school students join us to plant saplings. I planted three maple trees from seed. Every day they grow a little bigger and stronger! We also use timber that comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. You’ll often hear us refer to this wood as Environmentally Farmed Timber. No part of this tree goes to waste. It has been tested to be stronger than Northern Red Oak, and grows faster than oak trees.

Whether you are getting furniture for a university, an apartment complex, a military base or a new development, our quality products are built to last, made for comfort, fit in well wherever they go, and will stand strong through daily use for years to come.Bedrooms

See for yourself our selection of valuable furniture by looking at our catalogs. If you like what you see and want to know more, you can contact us or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A skilled Uloft representative will be ready to help you. We want your business and can ship orders at short notice.


University Loft Company is a leader in the furniture industry and continues to create innovative products. Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides’ continual drive and determination is the force behind University Loft Company. His example as an extreme visionary has been a wellspring of encouragement and inspiration to many.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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