U.S. Approved and Parent Approved

We cannot stress enough the importance that safety plays in the college furniture University Loft Company manufactures. That is because we know that when you send your children off to college; it is a big commitment both financially and responsibly. You are trusting that where they go they will be in good hands. You are trusting that the place where they stay is quality and the beds in which they lay their heads are safe. At University Loft, we have made sure that our standards begin and end with safety. The United States laws require standards for safety, and we meet those requirements. With our beds, parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are sleeping in furniture that has passed stringent testing. These beds are U.S. approved and parent approved as well.University Loft Graduate Series College Dorm Room Bunk Bed in Merlot Finish

Child Safety Standards
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a set of requirements regarding Child Safety Standards for entrapment and guardrail safety. These guidelines help reduce the injuries accredited to entrapment in child or adult bunk beds. For example, the distance between spreader rails on bed ends must be close enough so that a 3.5” x 6.2” block cannot pass-thru. It also must be large enough to allow a 9” diameter sphere to go through it. That is about the space that would allow a child’s head through. University Loft beds meet these federal requirements.

Safety Features
University Loft has crafted our beds with important safety features. Our bed end has four spreader rails. Now, the reason for the extra support is that it adds strength and life to the rail. Our standard bed end posts are 3” x 3” offering greater surface-to-surface contact area. That adds stability and durability. The Makers of Cool offer the best in bed safety.Graduate Series Bed Ends

Parent Approved
The United States puts high standards of safety on beds, but parents do too. Parents recognize when something is safe for their children. When they are heading off to live in a student residence that is furnished with University Loft beds, the parents are given that added peace-of-mind.

To see more of our high-quality beds, look at our catalogs. If you see something you like or have questions about anything, you can contact us online or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A qualified University Loft representative will be ready to help you. We want your business and can ship orders at short notice. Just let us know what you need.Bedrooms

As founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides says, “We’re committed to producing top-quality furniture that provides the best overall value.” That is what University Loft Company is all about.

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Special thanks to David Baker, Territory Sales Manager for his input into this article.

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