University Loft Company’s beds meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Requirements regarding Child Safety Standards for entrapment and guardrail safety. These U.S Federal Regulations – which appear in CFR Title 16, Parts 1213, 1500 and 1513 – were enacted in July 2000 to help reduce the approximately 10 deaths per year attributed to entrapment in child or adult bunk beds.

The requirements mandate that the distance between spreaders rails on bed ends must be close enough to prevent the pass-thru of a 3.5” x 6.2” block, OR large enough to permit the passage of a 9” diameter sphere (roughly the space needed to withdraw a child’s head). University Loft beds meet these federal requirements.

Our beds are built with several other important safety features. For example, our standard bed end posts are 3” x 3”. This post size offers greater surface-to-surface contact area for added stability and sturdiness. Also, unlike some manufacturers, our bed ends feature four spreader rails. The extra rail means stronger construction for enhanced safety and durability.

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University Loft bunk beds are designed so that the bed ends can be used as ladders to access the top bunk. However, some room configurations, space restrictions or other conditions might make bed-end access impossible or unwise. In those cases, ULC also makes bunk bed ladders designed for use with our loft beds and bunks. These ladders feature warning labels describing proper usage, including exact pin positions for upper bunk springs and rails relative to the ladder placement. For safe use of ladders with loft bed configurations, ULC strongly urges compliance with the label instructions so that our safety standards are met and our warranty policy remains valid.

The CPSC defines a bunk bed as “any bed in which the underside of the foundation (i.e., sleep surface) is over 30” from the floor.” The Commission requires that any bunk bed must have at least two upper bunk guardrails, one on either side of the bed. Beds from University Loft Company meet these criteria when configured with wood rails/decks or spring units and matching guardrails at the appropriate height placement.

However, even if the bed originally started out less than 30” from mattress bottom to the floor, you are still subject to the guardrail requirements if the bed is adjusted upward, as it would then be classified a “bunk bed”. To help you understand and maintain compliance with these regulations, University Loft Company now places a warning label on each bed end. Do not remove these warning labels. What’s more, we encourage you to check for their presence when doing a yearly inventory review.