Planting Trees at ULC Makes a Happy Environment

2015-04-24_arborDay_121Another successful Arbor Day took place at University Loft Company on Friday April 24, 2015. The special occasion is celebrated in many states across America on this day, and University Loft always joins in on the celebration. Trees were planted by 155 students and faculty from Cathedral High School, in addition to staff and business associates of University Loft Company. As a company that is environmentally friendly, we are conscious when it comes to our college furniture and sustaining our natural world. 2015-04-24_arborDay_115Planting trees at ULC makes a happy environment. 2015-04-24_arborDay_89

150 seedlings of Red Pine, White Pine and White Spruce were put into the ULC grounds.

2015-04-24_arborDay_1The CEO himself, James Jannetides, was on hand. “James took them on a grand tour of the plant, belting out his message on a bullhorn.” Craig Carter, Human Resource Manager, reported. “They were then treated to lunch before they boarded the bus for school.”2015-04-24_arborDay_83

2015-04-24_arborDay_98The sun was shining and the temperatures were pleasant offering a great time for everyone on another beautiful Arbor Day.

Enjoy some of the photos from the day’s events.

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

University Loft Company is a leader in the furniture industry and continues to create innovative products. Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides’ continual drive and determination is the force behind University Loft Company. His example as an extreme visionary has been a wellspring of encouragement and inspiration to many.2015-04-24_arborDay_1382015-04-24_arborDay_512015-04-24_arborDay_143

Planting trees at ULC makes a happy environment.

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