The Technology that Changed the World

Every day we use it. It’s become such a common part of our lives that we don’t even think about it. It’s convenient and used by thousands around the world so often that it has been taken for granted. It has aided in simplifying tasks that would otherwise be daunting. It is found on items like shoes, table coverings, gloves, even wallets. It makes a unique sound when you use it, some may consider it annoying while others find it comforting. Whether you like the sound or not, this commodity is here to stay, and University Loft has found an astounding way to utilize this witty invention in our upholstery furniture.

The creation is Velcro®, and ULoft has tapped into this feature on upholstered products that we call Velcro® Technology.

Velcro has been around for a minute

Back in 1941, a Swiss engineer by the name of George de Mestral took a walk in the woods with his dog.  I would like to say it was a pleasant walk, and it was the highlight of both George’s and the dog’s day, but those details are not available for us to know. What I can tell you is de Mestral made an amazing discovery on this walk. When the two returned home, he noticed that there were burrs stuck to the dog’s fur. Then he saw that his pant legs had burrs attached to them as well. Pulling one of the burrs from his trousers, he took a closer look and noticed they had hundreds of tiny hooks that would relentlessly cling to the fur and the fabric. These prickly little burrs are not only a nuisance, but they are also difficult to remove. A lightbulb turned on. That’s when de Mestral had an ingenious idea to create something that people could use to attach items to things that was similar to a burr on fur. He went to work with that concept for about ten years. Well, his invention stuck (get it?) and today Velcro® is everywhere.

ULoft welcomed Velcro Technology

It was a year of moving forward and making big changes for University Loft in 1999. That was the year that the first University Loft upholstery plant was opened in Morristown, Tennessee. James N. Jannetides, founder and owner, appointed John Broyles to oversee it, and in 2001, this new furniture style was developed. The Sebring 770LV15 chair was the first to use Velcro® enclosures. It replaced the usual zippers or staples to secure the fabric to the furniture. The Jennings 660LV group soon followed. In a matter of two years, all the other products were transformed to Velcro®, and the new styles were built with these types of enclosures. It was a modern way to upholster furniture, and it was a winner. Soon after initiating Velcro® Technology, it became University Loft’s niche in the college market. There were many advantages to this new technology. Replacement covers were sent to customers, and they could have their maintenance representative change the damaged parts without the need to hire an experienced upholsterer. ULC would send trained installers to replace all covers on any piece of furniture.

Replacement Technology and its many benefits

There are numerous benefits to receive from University Loft’s Velcro® Technology. Here are a few of them:

  • When sewn cover parts from University Loft are damaged, they can be replaced by the customer.
  • The lifespan of the furniture is doubled with complete sewn kits.
  • Instead of buying new furniture, the same furniture can be reupholstered easily.
  • Almost anyone with little experience can replace the coverings.
  • If there is a change to interior, the present furniture can be reupholstered with new fabric, colors, and patterns to match the room or area.
  • If your upholstered furniture needs repaired or cleaned, it’s a simple process to remove it and make the necessary changes.
  • As a bonus, replacement fabric or vinyl sewn covers can be purchased up to five years from the date of the original purchase.

Things to remember

The benefits go on and on with Velcro® Technology.

University Loft Company is the only manufacturer to offer fully Velcro® sewn covers on all styles of furniture.

Sometimes we love our common areas just the way they are designed, and we don’t want to change them. Then there are times, we get tired of the same patterns, the same colors, and the same configurations. We want to change it around and spice it up. Whether you’re using upholstery in common areas, or even smaller pieces in bedrooms like under one of our lofts, this Replacement Technology is perfect to match the changing trends in design.

This can be shipped in a box, so there is no need to pay for container shipping and lead time.

Our unique designs and timeless styles allow you to change the shade, color, or pattern whenever you want. And all our pieces are made in the USA and have Velcro® Technology.

This way of upholstery offers low maintenance solutions. They have the strength to hold and lock in the fabrics. Our product allows partners to change the fabric with just a few bolts, and we have 100% replacement components. Not so with our competitors. Their replacement technology can be a long, unwelcome, and complicated process.

The quality of the furniture you purchase improves drastically. If parts are damaged during installation, they can be fixed without returning the entire piece. These are benefits that add up.

When speaking to John Broyles, Consultant out of Morristown, Tennessee, he shared that last year University Loft manufactured 12,000 pieces of furniture and had over 20,000 orders for either sewn parts or complete sew cover kits. John said, “Since 2006 every year we have sent out more sewn covers than the previous year.  This should continue to increase every year as long as ULC stays in the upholstery business.”

It’s cost effective

University Loft Velcro® Technology offers big savings to our partners. How, you may ask. It’s simple. Single pieces can be replaced, not just the cushions, which saves you money. Fabric, foam, springs, and wood are the four components that make up a sofa. You don’t have to throw away a whole sofa because one component is bad. Because of our replacement covers, our partners save millions of dollars. Not to mention that this also saves hundreds of pounds in landfills. Additionally, you save dollars on the cost of labor.

Our customers like it

The University of Calgary Student Union has been the proud owner of the same ULoft sofas for over 13 years. In that time, they have only had to replace the covers.

For over a decade, the University of Oklahoma has enjoyed their upholstered furniture. They replaced the fabric, but the frames are still holding up with ULC strength.

VELCRO’s name was derived from the French words velour, which means velvet and crochet which means hook. Put the two words together and voila, you have VELCRO®

About University Loft Company

University Loft Company headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Greenfield, Indiana. Our upholstery plant is in Morristown, Tennessee. We also have facilities globally.

At Uloft, we want to help make your dreams come true through our Plan, Visualize, Implement process. You can supply us with a drawing of your space, and our skilled team members will begin to put together your vision so you can see what you will be obtaining before spending any money.

We have furniture designed for multi-family units, apartment complexes, new developments, off-campus housing, student residence, boarding schools, municipalities, and military housing. Have a look around our catalogs to see products that will meet your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us here or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). Do you need something quickly? Ask your Uloft representative about our Quick Ship Program. We would love to do business with you.

Founder and owner, James N. Jannetides says, “We are a company with ethics. Integrity is more than a word. We manufacture furniture the right way.” As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft is honored to live by a high standard of ethics that continue to bring innovative ideas for our customers everywhere.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock