Remember to Clean Our Bookcases Too

Bookcases are good places to store items that you don’t know what else to do with. For example, you receive a greeting card from a sweet friend and feel bad if you throw it away, so you put it on the shelf of the bookcase. It becomes a storage place for more than just books and knick-knacks. It can also become a dust-trap which then makes it a bit of a germ-trap. Bookshelves need to be cleaned regularly. While we are all being extra careful to clean hands, clothing, and surfaces to avoid spreading germs, we also need to remember to clean our bookcases too. 

Whether University Loft Bookcases are solid wood or laminate, they have one thing in common, they’re built strong to last long.

With both the wood and laminate, you can mix a small amount of dish washing liquid with warm water and use a microfiber cloth. After clearing your bookcase, apply the wet cloth to the surface and rub gently making sure to get into corners and edges. Rise the cloth frequently. It’s super simple. The worst part is clearing the stuff off the shelves and putting them back on. It’s worth it, though, just knowing that you are helping to keep you and your loved ones healthier.Greenfield Bookcase in Midnight Espresso

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