Mid-Century Mod

Every era has its own distinct look in furniture design. A trained eye can even locate the age from which the design came. The middle of the 20th century created some seriously cool furniture with simple and clean lines. Architect and furniture designer, Arne Jacobsen, created the Egg-Chair. He also instigated models for the successful Three-Legged Ant Chair. Inspired by Arne Jacobsen, University Loft Company brings Mid-Century Mod to the forefront with the Arne series.

The Arne Series is all things Mid-Century Mod! The angles are sharp. The four-inch wooden legs on the sofa set sophisticatedly in a living room, lounge, or common area. It is a clean not fluffy shape, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is soft seating is stiff. The sofa is a cozy seat to curl up in and read a book or take a seat and relax with friends and family.  

Pair the Arne Series with end tables, a coffee table, and entertainment center from the Butcher Block Series or the Flat Iron Series.

You can select fabrics that best suit your area. University Loft has an array of choices. Ask your representative to show you. Our replaceable covers make cleaning, repairing, or replacing a breeze.

Fun Fact

In 1943, Nazi’s planned to deport Jewish Danes to concentration camps. Arne Jacobsen ,having Jewish background, was able to flee Denmark and go to Sweden where he lived for two years. During that time, he was only able to work on a summer house for two doctors and design fabrics for wallpaper.

As an architect, he liked to control the whole structure of a building from decorating the interior to how it would be landscaped.

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University Loft Company is a pioneer of innovative furniture design and manufacturing for over thirty years. Our commitment to producing top-quality furniture that provides the best overall value is equaled to our commitment to a high-level of ethics as a contract furniture provider. As founder and owner, James N. Jannetides says, “When all is said and done, we hope you’ll recognize that our business isn’t really about furniture; it’s about the people who entrust University Loft Company to outfit the personal spaces where they live, work and play. To remain worthy of that trust, we are always innovating and always improving…we are University Loft Company.”

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