Fun Facts about Memorial Day

There are many interesting facts about Memorial Day; some you may know others may be new to you. I thought we could all use a little trivia during this U.S. holiday in between the remembrances and the grilling. Here are a few fun facts about Memorial Day.

A Little History

Due to the many deaths in the Civil War, there were several celebrations of those who gave their lives. They were sporadic and at that time, not nationally recognized.

In 1864 woman from Boalsburg, Pennsylvania decorated graves of soldiers from the Battle of Gettysburg. The following year woman did the same thing for their fallen at a cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Similar recognition took place in the years following at various cities in the country.  

Waterloo, New York

The federal government declared Waterloo, New York as the official place where Memorial Day began.

Decoration Day

Before we called it Memorial Day, it was known as Decoration Day where people decorated graves with wreaths, flowers, and flags. In 1967 Memorial Day became the official name.

New York

Did you know that New York was the first state to make Memorial Day a legal holiday? In 1873 they made it legit. Some of the northern states also made Memorial Day a holiday by the 1890s.

Unknown Soldiers

The Tomb of the Unknowns was established on November 11, 1921, where the remains of unidentified soldiers were placed. On Memorial Day in 1958 unknown soldiers from World War II and the Korean War were buried there.

Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie was once among the unknown soldiers, but after an investigation, his remains were identified, and he was reburied near St. Louis, his hometown.

Memorial Day is celebrated differently all over the country. No matter the way you celebrate it, take a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate for our families, our nation, and us.

University Loft Company recognizes our veterans and military service people. We thank you for your duty and all that you have done for the United States.  To all our partners in the GSA division, we also send our thanks to you.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day,

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

*The information in this blog was gathered from the History Channel and Mental Floss. ~ GB

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