Every Counter Top Has the LOFT Touch

There is a place in the home where people like to go. It’s the kitchen. After all, that’s where the food is. So why not make sure that your kitchen is the ultimate in design and quality. Let that room boast on itself with University Loft Kitchen Cabinetry. Our cabinets will make your kitchen not only fully functional, but also a great place to hang out with family and friends. With both contemporary or traditional designs, every counter top has the LOFT touch. We put details into detail because our thorough design is constructed in every door, drawer, and counter top. No matter the size. The Makers of Cool have taken the philosophy of wood craftsmanship and joined forces with the technology of today creating a unique brand of Kitchen Cabinetry. It’s practical and gorgeous all in one.

With stronger construction, each cabinet is built to withstand more than the daily wear-and-tear taken. For example, even if you try to slam one of the drawers shut, they stop short and slow down until they close gingerly without damage. It’s a coveted feature. The University Loft Company’s design team put thought into every feature of these cabinets.

LOFT offers a selection of granite tops and an array of finishes that you can choose to match the colors of your kitchen.

We are dedicated to crafting high quality kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands with competitive pricing. Talk to one of our skilled Uloft representatives for details.

To see more of our top-quality furniture for apartment complexes and new developments, off-campus housing, student residence, multi-family units, or military housing, go to our catalogs and see all the amazing items we offer. Contact us here for more information or to have any of your questions answered. You can also give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). We want your business. By the way, if you need something quickly, we can ship orders at short notice.

Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides says, “We are a company with ethics. Integrity is more than a word. We manufacture furniture the right way.” As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft is honored to live by a high standard of ethics that continue to bring innovative ideas for university furniture, off-campus housing, apartment furnishings and military housing.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

University Loft is growing and we’re looking for good workers to hire. If you are interested or know anybody who would like to enjoy the experience and relationship of being a part of this growing contract furniture company, contact us here or call 800-423-LOFT (5638).




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