Dwayne, Jennifer, Gabby and University Loft?

Student Housing Furniture from University Loft Company is a Reel ClassicIf you look closely, you can see connections where none would seem to exist. For example, could there possibly be a connection between Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas – all modern star performers – and the college dormitory furniture from University Loft Company? I think so. Here’s why:

Like I said, The Rock, J Lo and Gabby are all star performers. Same for University Loft residence life furniture. And while the three celebs might perform on stage and screen, University Loft dorm room furniture’s award-worthy performance plays out in more than 1,200 colleges and universities across America and around the world.

And speaking of America, just as the aforementioned stars were born in the USA, so is University Loft. Our home is in the American heartland, with manufacturing facilities in Greenfield, Indiana and Morristown, Tennessee.

Like “The Rock”, University Loft Furniture is super-strong. Our college furniture is made from solid wood that’s stronger than Northern Red Oak. Like J Lo, University Loft dorm room furniture has style to spare, with modern fabrics and finishes that always look great and outperform wannabe competitors. And like Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas, University Loft student furniture is ultra-flexible, making it easy to customize dorm room living space like a true American champ.

Now that you look at it this way, the connections are obvious, right? To get a front row seat to a performance of University Loft college dorm room and student lounge furniture, contact us today at 800-423-LOFT (5638). We’re ready for our close-up and we welcome you to visit our massive student furnishings showroom in Greenfield.


The ULoft Blog Team

About University Loft Company and our solid wood modular residence life furniture:

Since 1984, when James Jannetides built a loft configuration for his own dorm room at Southern Illinois University, hundreds of thousands of college students have enjoyed better campus living thanks to University Loft furniture. Today, University Loft serves more than 1,200 colleges, universities and related student housing partners. As Jannetides’ says: “We are always learning, always innovating, and always improving … our environment, our products, and our service. We are University Loft Company.”

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