Bed Ends Finish Off Bunk Bed Fun

What’s a bunk bed without perfect bed ends? I mean you can’t get to the top unless you sprout wings and fly up there. That would be pretty cool if you could actually do that. Think of the places you could fly to in a day and the calories you would burn. Flapping those wings had to produce a lot of energy. Nevertheless, that’s not going to happen, so you are going to need excellent bed ends. University Loft Company builds bed ends with safety and durability in mind. Our bed ends finish off bunk bed fun. Here’s what I mean:

Graduate Five Drawer ChestOur ladder style bed ends are 61 ½ inches tall and made from solid wood. University Loft uses wood that long lasting and strong. It’s the way we roll. Our Environmentally Farmed Timber has tested stronger than Norther Red Oak providing our customers with years of service. This wood is made exceptional in not only its strength, but also by the beautiful pattern that runs through it. Strength and beauty is a great combination.

Now that you understand the high quality bed ends that University Loft produces and the standard by which they are made, we can have a little fun. With these bunk beds you don’t have to stick to the standard stacking. You can cross them or lower them, you can angle them or raise them. Get creative and move them around to the way that best sees fit. Whatever suits your room and your fancy. If you get tired of them setting one way, you can reconfigure them to another design. University Loft makes it easy to do with our Tool-Less System™.

But you don’t have to end this fun with just the bed ends. Think about adding a pedestal desk, a Two-Position chair, a couple of sets of drawer chests, and a wardrobe. Your student residence is now University Loft complete.

You can check out all of our college student furniture products by going through our catalogs. If you see something you like or have a question, you can contact us here or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A skilled University Loft representative is available to help you. You might also be interested to know that we also offer new development and apartment furniture, off-campus and military housing. We can also ship orders at short notice. University Loft has something for you.

“While our competitors draw copies of our furniture and call it their own, we bring you the real deal.” Says founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides. University Loft Company blazes new and exciting trails with innovative products as a leader in the contract furniture industry.

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