6 Ways to Make Your Student Room Even Cooler

If your room is furnished with University Loft student furniture you already have the coolest room ever, and your standard of excellence shines through. Want to make your room even more amazing? Here are 6 ways to make your student room even cooler.

On the Floor

Shine up the floor, make it spic and span then add a super fluffy or extra comfy area rug. After a long day of running around, you can kick off your shoes and sink your feet in that amazing carpet.

Pin it Up

A corkboard or bulletin board is a handy helper that would work well against the wall where your desk sets. You can pin study notes on it, string lights around it, display greeting cards, or hang photos or your favorite peeps.

A Comfort

Raise your Uloft bed high enough off the floor and put a sweet loveseat and end table beneath. You will have your own little living room under your bed. Add even more luxury to the bed by adding a cozy comforter. That will be a perfect way to stay warm during colder months in the upcoming semester.

Throw Some Pillows

With a loveseat that fits nicely into your room. Make it even more tranquil with decorative pillows. Just toss them on the sofa and curl up with them when you want to relax.

Lava Rises

Night lights help you see better if you get up in the middle of the night, but why not make it super cool by using a Lava Lamp. Set it on top of your Uloft nightstand and watch the lava rise and fall inside the lamp as you fall off to sleeeeeeeep……

Outer Space

The Orbital by The Makers of Cool offers finishing touches of cool that you will love. Climb into it for study time. Settle in it to relax during personal time. You can also get them with speakers to let your favorite music flow around you.

As you splash your room with your own flavor, it will display your personality and show off your awesomeness. I hope these 6 ways to make your student room even cooler has helped.

Fun Fact

The ancient Egyptians who were wealthy used stone pillows to lift their heads and keep insects off them.

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Unitl next time ~ Ginger Bock

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