5 Reasons LOFT is the Right Choice

University Loft Company raises the standard in the products we manufacture. While others try to replicate us – and we are quite flattered by that – there is only one University Loft Company. Here are 5 reasons LOFT is the right choice when you select home, office or student residence furniture.

Graduate Series natural Bunk Bed

Graduate Series natural Bunk Bed

It’s of the Highest Quality

LOFT manufactures college furniture that lasts. Years of use by hard-working students who don’t always have time to be kind and gentle on their University Loft furniture, still prove to remain standing strong.

It’s Comfortable

Whether for home, office or student residence, our furniture is ergonomically built with your comfort in mind.

Meridian Series tables with Jennings Upholstery

Meridian Series tables with Jennings Upholstery

It Saves Space

Designed to reconfigure in various styles, LOFT furniture will save space and increase storage. When you do not have much room, the more space you can save, the better.University Loft Graduate Series Srudent Furniture Configurations

We are a Company of Integrity

We do it the right way, and we stand by our product. To us integrity is more than a word. It is the high standard and moral value that we put into every piece of furniture. While our competitors draw copies of our furniture and call it their own, we deliver the real deal.

Our Customers are Satisfied

University Loft customers give ULoft a solid thumbs upIt is our pleasure to serve you, answer your questions and be available for any problems you might have with your furniture. We deliver and install, and our customers return for more quality university furniture.

There are 5 reasons LOFT is the right choice. Let us help you in making the perfect selection for you.

We want your business and would love to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us or give us a call at 1.800.423.LOFT (5638). We are ready to ship your order at short notice. When you contact us a skilled staff member will direct you to the University Loft product that is just right for you. To see more of our fabulous lines of university furniture, take a look at our catalogs. We are sure that University Loft Company has something for you. We thank you for your business.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

University Loft Company is a leader in the furniture industry and continues to create innovative products. Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides’ continual drive and determination is the force behind University Loft Company. His example as an extreme visionary has been a wellspring of encouragement and inspiration to many.






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