5 Hacks that Keep Your Room Neat

Whether we are talking about the kitchen, the bedroom, or the office, these rooms can become a mess quickly. It doesn’t take much. In the kitchen, for example, you get done making it picture perfect, and all it takes is one microwave meal and the work is undone. There are some things we can do to avoid that. Check out these 5 hacks that keep your room neat.

Hack #1: Hang Up Your Clothes

Ergonomic Seating for Students: Two-Position Chair from University Loft

You’re tired and all you want to do is go to bed, so you toss your clothes on your Two-Position chair, not even bothering to brush your teeth, telling yourself you will hang them up in the morning. You climb into your LOFT bed and fall fast asleep. Morning comes and you are in too much of a hurry to hang your clothes. The process repeats itself until you have lost your Two-Position chair altogether.

Avoid this scenario by hanging up your clothes or tossing them in the hamper as soon as you change. In the few extra minutes you take to hang them, you will extend the life of your clothes and keep your room neat.

Hack #2: Fold Them Up

Uptown Express Stackable 2 Drawer Chest

After your clean clothes have dried, the temptation to leave them in the basket and fold it later is a great one. However, you will avoid wrinkles in your clothes and having to iron them if you fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer. Put them away in quality furniture from University Loft. Our superior drawer chests are built to last with corner blocks, and English dovetail joints, and they will accommodate you will full-extension drawer glides.

Hack #3: File Away

If you have paperwork, hardcopies for school, mail to sort, bills to track, or anything like that, your desk can become a mess in a minute. When you are finished with one project, or you must quit working on it, file it away for later. You will know where everything is enabling you to pick up where you left off.

Hack #4: Clean as You Go

Kitchen counters from LOFT should be shown off. To keep them sparkling while working in the kitchen, clean up as you go along. You will avoid the great sink pile-up and make the final cleaning much easier.

Hack #5: Utilize Extra Storage

With University Loft beds, you can reconfigure them to offer up the best room for the space you have. Stack them high to add drawer chest beneath, add a wardrobe where you can put your extra items, or loft your bed so you can put a desk, drawer chest, and a chair beneath. The extra storage space will help keep clutter down and the room neat.

Fun Fact

If you find it difficult to keep the mess off your desk, don’t fret. Einstein had a messy desk and look what he accomplished.

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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