4 Tips Will Make a Difference in Your Study Time

With all the cool things that go on at college, it can be easy to miss quality study time. Sometimes classes, projects, and life in general can be overwhelming, but don’t let that steal the time you need to hit the books. It’s the very thing that will help ground the information you obtained in class. University Loft Company offers many products that can help you during the tougher times of college life. These following 4 tips will make a difference in your study time.

Tip #1 Stay Organized

With wardrobes and pedestal desks, University Loft can help you put your stuff in an easy-to-get-to place. Hang your clothes to keep them crisp and ready for the quick change you may need to make in-between classes, play, or whatever. The heavy-duty metal drawer box opens fully and allows you to keep your belongings in place.

The pedestal desk includes two left side drawers, a deep file drawer, and a pencil drawer (because everyone still uses writing utensils at some point). Our desks are equipped with English dovetail joints and corner blocks for added durability and long life.

The full-extension drawer glides on all our drawers make getting to your things a breeze.

Tip #2 Special Place to Study

If you add a carrel to the top of your desk, you will have place to store your books and memorabilia, in addition to a sweet place to study.

If you don’t need all that desk storage, use a writing desk instead. They too include a pencil drawer.

Having a special place to study will help you focus and offer a sense of familiarity that will aid in concentration. You always know that when you go to your desk, you are going to study.

Tip #3 Breakaway

Taking breaks will help refresh you before going back to your studies. Please, please, please stop thinking that you don’t have enough time to step away from the books. Everyone needs a break. You will avoid burnout and come back sharper, ready to take on the next task. University Loft can help with soft seating for your student residence. Just sit down a relax for a few minutes in one of ULC’s sofas, loveseats, or chairs. The styles vary, and the fabric selection is amazing.

Tip #4 Good Sleep Good RestMetropolitan Bunk Bed

Sometimes you can wing-it and do well even when you are sleep deprived, but good rest aids in your awesome awesomeness.

Besides our twin beds, bunk beds, and loft beds, University Loft has mattresses, and a Mattress Rotation Program to help you get the most life out of your Uloft mattress.

I’m sure these 4 tips will make a difference in your study time.

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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