What makes EFT (Environmentally Farmed Timber) the best choice for furniture?

The decision to use EFT (Environmentally Farmed Timber) stemmed in large part from our sense of environmental responsibility—the topic of the previous post. Another reason, however, is that Hevea brasiliensis wood is one of the best choices out there for furniture construction.

We and our customers get the best of both worlds: superior furniture, happy environment.

And it isn’t simply our gut feeling that Hevea brasiliensis is better. We had an independent lab, Federal Testing Laboratories, compare this material against Northern Red Oak.

The tests pitted our products against those of a competitor, seeing which could withstand the greater amount of pressure applied. The results showed that LOFT’s 3-drawer chest endured 204 cycles at 350 pounds before structural integrity was compromised. In contrast, the competitor’s Northern Red Oak product was only able to complete 341 cycles of merely 250 pounds.

Another test done between Hevea brasiliensis and Northern Red Oak was the screw pull test. Hevea brasiliensis sustained 160 pounds of pressure before breaking while Northern Red Oak could only handle 140 pounds.

The results from both tests indicate that Hevea brasiliensis is actually stronger than the Northern Red Oak, which is often considered the gold standard furniture wood. These results also attest to the sturdiness and durability of ULC furniture, which comes from a combination of superior materials and construction.

EFT vs Oak Weight Tests


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