A Vision for Loft Beds

We’re taking a journey back to a time when University Loft was just a flicker in the mind of a young college student in need of a solution for college furniture…

Few who knew James Jannetides in 1986 would forget the gleam in his eyes when he shared his idea for loft beds. It was a need yet unmet, and he wanted to see this task make it into college student housing. The vision became a burning desire to create college furniture that suited the needs of the students in addition to making the most of what space they had (or didn’t have). As a college student himself at that time, he knew exactly what would work best and pursued his plan for dormitory furniture to make his dream a reality. University Loft was born from an idea, hope and faith in what could be accomplished and a zeal and persistence to never give up.

He had the first loft beds built and installed. Not without hiccups, it almost looked like his idea for student furniture was a bust, but with bulldog tenacity, James held onto hope and ran with the dream in his heart to put quality dormitory furniture into student housing.

Those early years were exciting times of developing not only loft beds but also various styles of comfortable and practical college furniture. Loft beds were the key that began University Loft. From bunk beds James envisioned desks, chairs, wardrobes, secretary units and shelves to have available the durable dorm room furniture. Today University Loft manufactures durable, long lasting loft beds, college furniture of all sorts in addition to big box, worship and venue seating.

When there is a vision in your heart, as many students have when they enter the university world, fulfill that vision, and like James Jannetides, never give up.

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