How Many Loft Beds Can Fit in a University Loft Mini Van

I was driving around the city in the University Loft mini van that has carried college furniture to various destinations when I had a random thought. Taking a quick glance in the rear view mirror at the back of the empty van, I wondered just how many loft beds could we fit back there if we removed the back seats? We could lay one loft bed on top of another other to see how many would stack before just reaching the roof. That would be fun.

As I drove around a curve off the interstate overlooking a large green field, I had another random thought about the Greenfield series and its cool choices of student housing furniture from the dorm bed with a desk that fits right under it to dorm room bunk beds and drawers that fit under the beds – perfect student housing furniture. What’s great about this type of dorm room furniture is that they are easy to put together, and you don’t even need tools to get the job done.

Then I had another random thought – I know – I was experiencing a lot of random dormitory furniture thoughts during my drive, but they actually started connecting. What if we set up one of the pieces of student furniture in the back of the van and go on a road trip? Wouldn’t that be awesome? We could study and nap while the other was driving all while we were headed somewhere amazing.

Back to my original thought, how much college furniture could we pack into this mini van? Could we pack enough to make a student’s room complete? It would take a loft bed, a desk, shelves, drawers and a chair – oh and a wardrobe too. I’m not sure all of that would fit in the back of the mini van. We should test this thought someday, though. What I do know is that University Loft manufactures heirloom quality college furniture and, during installs, delivers with care.

Any student housing would be better with college furniture from University Loft.



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