Nine Personal Observations, Mystifying Questions and Surprising Revelations About University Loft Furniture

1. Looking back, my college days were among the best times of my life (but they would have been way better if I’d had University Loft student furniture in my dorm room).

2. If University Loft’s solid wood modular student furniture had been in my residence hall, I might have stayed at that college longer.

3. Even with my college days a distant memory, I still long for an elevated University Loft bed with my work desk beneath it. Space utilization courtesy of University Loft puts the “fun” in functional!

4. University Loft furniture is the natural, “green” student furniture choice…but did they really find this pictured furniture arrangement growing naturally in the forest?

University Loft student furniture is the environmentally friendly choice for college housing

5. How many ways can a University Loft-equipped student room be arranged? (We may never know.)

6. From the “Who Knew?” Department: University Loft is perhaps best known for our student housing furniture, but we also make furniture for military installations and the hospitality market.

7. Yes, you can purchase ULoft furniture for your home. Call us toll-free at 800-423-LOFT (5638).

8. University Loft’s quarterly public sales are a bargain hunter’s dream!

9. How can a company that’s been around as long as University Loft continue to produce college furniture that always seems new and fresh? (I guess it’s just in our DNA.)

Have any of your own ULoft observations to share?


The ULoft Blog Team

About University Loft Company and our solid wood modular residence life furniture:

Since 1984, when James Jannetides built a loft configuration for his own dorm room at Southern Illinois University, hundreds of thousands of college students have enjoyed better campus living thanks to University Loft furniture. Today, University Loft serves more than 1,200 colleges, universities and related student housing partners. As Jannetides’ says: “We are always learning, always innovating, and always improving … our environment, our products, and our service. We are University Loft Company.”

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