Space-Saving ULC Furniture is a Dream Come True

Graduate Series natural Open Loft

Graduate Series natural Open Loft

She sat at her solid wood desk. Needing a file from her drawer, she pulled it open and retrieved it with ease. These drawers have full extension drawer glides. It was time for a break, so she climbed the ladder to the top of her loft bed and took a rest. On college furniture from University Loft, she studied better and rested better. I wasn’t always like that…

Not too long ago, she needed to fit a desk in the dorm room, but between her and the roommate’s beds, desks, wardrobes, dressers, books and the “stuff” on the floor, the only space left was a narrow path from the bed to the door. The tiny room with lots of stuff made it harder to rest or study, which made it more difficult to keep the grades up. She dreamed of having a larger room that was able to fit all of their furniture and personal items with plenty of space to study or have friends over (without them stepping all over their things).

Having space-saving ULC furniture is a dream come true. metropolitanOpenLoft_11 72

And that dream did come true. When she returned to the university, the student residence hall was decked with new college furniture from University Loft Company. Everything she needed from the Open loft bed, to the Two-Position Chair fit in the room. When they needed more room they modulated their university furniture gaining more space in the same area. It was easy using University Loft’s Tool-less System™. On one side of the room was a loft bed with a love seat beneath and a podium desk beside it with a wardrobe against the wall. On the other side was a loft bed with a desk and drawer chest beneath it. She had a Two-Position Chair.

Having space-saving ULC furniture is a dream come true.

See the many ways to modulate a room by viewing our catalogs.

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As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft Company continues to create innovative products for universities, off-campus housing, military housing and multi-family units. James Jannetides is the founder and CEO of University Loft Company. His continual drive and determination has been a wellspring of encouragement and inspiration to many.

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