Signs You Need to Slow Down

If you are juggling a lot of interests such as work, classes, study, extra activities, and volunteering, you need to guard against running yourself too hard. No matter how much you do in a day, there will always be more to get done later. Like dishes at a family gathering, the tasks just keep coming. When you see signs you need to slow down, take heed. That is the best time to find a comfy sofa like this one from the Jennings collection, grab that fiction book you have always wanted to read, and get away from it all to enjoy some “me” time. Below are a few indicators that you may need to remove some things from your plate.

Jennings Series

Check Your ‘Tude

If you find your fuse a little short, and you become aggravated easier than normal, you need to slow down. Rehearse what could be the cause and start making changes to a happier attitude.

You’re Losing Things

If you find yourself often asking, “Now, where did I leave that, I just had it a minute ago.” You were likely thinking about something else when you set down that item. When your mind is on other things beside the task at hand, it is easy to misplace items. Form a new habit of focusing on what you are doing at the moment. Having a special place for everything and putting your items there every time will help. A secretary unit or wardrobe from University Loft can help.

You Double Book

You booked a meeting at the same time you are supposed to be at the dentist. You scheduled a business lunch over the top of your mother’s birthday lunch. How do these things happen? You have too much going on, and somewhere along the line, you forgot to record one of the appointments. Take a minute, sit down at your desk and mark your calendar as soon as the appointment is made. If it is not confirmed, make a note of that in addition to leaving yourself a reminder to follow up.

You’re Late

If you find that you are often late, you might consider two things. 1) You have a poor sense of timing. 2) You are squeezing too much into hours.

There may be other reasons for being late, but if you find yourself skidding in past your due time, adjust a few things by watching the clock, setting alarms, or purposely planning a half hour early everything you do.

Espresso Bedroom

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important. That’s when you regenerate. Let’s say you give yourself just enough time for about 7 hours of sleep. Okay, that’s good unless something awakens you and you can’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours. You just lost precious sleep time. Give yourself extra padding so if you need to sleep in, you can.

The above suggestions are only recommendations.

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