Selecting and Processing Timber for Products of Excellence

Purchasing furniture for your facility is no small task. It takes effort to decide on the best series that fits your needs, then determinations on color schemes and fabric also play a big part. When you choose University Loft Company as your furniture provider, you have made the right choice. From selecting and processing timber to the development it goes through to become high-quality furniture, Uloft offers products of excellence. To deliver furniture that is head-and-shoulders above the rest, we follow a strict standard of regulations. Built the right way – the Uloft Way.

University Loft student furniture is the environmentally friendly choice for college housing

Selected Timber

Uloft chose Hevea Brasiliensis for wood products because of its strength. In independent testing, it was proven stronger than Northern Red Oak and demonstrated to last through years of use.

Environment Alert

Hevea Brasiliensis is not only strong, but also beautiful with a flowing pattern in its grain. In addition to strong and beautiful hardwood, the trees are useful from beginning to end. They produce latex throughout their lifetime. When that production comes to an end, they are cut down and used for their hardwood. They grow five times faster than oak.  

Treated Right

At the mill, the trees are cut into lumber where they are treated to remove any pests. Only a small amount of chemicals remains on the lumber rendering them safe for use.

Building Furniture

The skilled craftspeople at University Loft offer a personal touch as they build the furniture by hand.

Ready for You

Now it’s time for this fine furniture to make its way to your facility. University Loft will deliver and install your new furniture. We have a deliver, install, and follow up plan bringing about the best results and happy beginnings.

High Performance

We build and deliver high-performance furniture products for college and universities, municipalities, defense quarters, off-campus housing, apartment and new developments, and boarding schools.

To see more of our fine furniture, check out our catalogs. We have solid wood and steel and engineered blends in our series. To have your questions answered, you can contact us here or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A skilled University Loft representative will be available for you. If you need something quickly, ask about our Quick Ship Program.

Solid Wood Series

 Founder and owner, James N. Jannetides says, “We are a company with ethics. Integrity is more than a word. We manufacture furniture the right way.” As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft is honored to live by a high standard of ethics that continue to bring innovative furniture to our partners regularly.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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