Irvington Bar Stool

This stylish and durable barstool option features cold-rolled, low-carbon steel that can come in multiple finishes to complete your dining or study area. Shown here in a clear powder coat finish. It has a standard 24″ seat height and a small 17″ square footprint that works in studio or 4-bedroom units. Pairs well with our kitchen islands and table options.




All steel shall be cold rolled, oil treated, dimension stock steel. Low Carbon steel shall be ASTM A366 standard with the highest-grade carbon quality available. All steel shall be commercial grade quality cold-rolled steel grade conforming to international standards. Weight per sheet in lbs shall be 120lbs per 60” x 144” size sheet. All square stock tubes shall be 18 gauge, 1.2mm thickness which is comparable to .047”.
Where 18 gauge is called for, lesser gauge steel shall not be considered equal.

Metal Finish

Finish shall be thermoset epoxy powder coated finishes electro-statically applied utilizing environmentally friendly, state of the art, electro-static painting processes. All surfaces shall be cleaned, washed, and sprayed with top sealers prior to the 21-step finishing process.


It is the intent that tubing is of the highest standard and shall no less than the dimension call herein.


All Welding shall be smooth to the touch and visually without dimple or indentation, which would cause visual adversity or effect structural integrity of the tubing.


  • Dimensions: 17″W x 17″ D 24″H
  • Metal 4 legged barstool
  • Color: Clear powdercoat Finish
  • 24” Seat Height
  • Unit Modularity: All component size and dimensions are interchangeable and blue printed as well as individually numbered to ensure longterm replaceability of components. welds shall be sanded leaving a minimum thickness of 18 gauge. Joints thinner than this will not be accepted.