Let’s Talk About Dining Tables

Where is one of the most common places in the home that people meet? If you said the kitchen, then we are on the same page. What place in the kitchen do people gather around? If you said the table, then we are reading the same book. We spend a lot of time sitting around dining tables. It’s a great place to share our daily adventures, eat good food, and enjoy each other’ company. Why not make it even better by sitting around one from University Loft Company? Let’s talk about dining tables.

Intimate SettingsMetropolitan Square Parsons-table

Your small dining area is your intimate setting where personal time can be spent with others. The Metropolitan Square Table is just right for small rooms. It will fit right in.

The Parsons

University Loft Company has several styles of the Parson table.

The Rectangular Parsons Table is the table for eating meals with family and friends, playing cards, laughing over board games. It’s built larger to fit more people.

Built cozier, The Round Parsons Table is classy and clean. Select a finish that matches your color scheme. Just ask one of our ULC reps what is available.

If you love sitting at a high-top, University Loft has the perfect fit for you. Our Round Pedestal Table has a wild cherry laminate top and black metal legs.Round Pedestal Table

Tapered Legs and Solid Wood

The Meridian Dining Table is made from Environmentally Farmed Timber, the oak-like pattern laced throughout the wood will warm your dining area, and the tapered legs will add character.

The Warmth of Wood the Strength of Steel

The Mixed Medium Series offers a combination of both steel and wood. Built University Loft strong, these bold and classy tables can take the wear-and-tear of everyday living.

Dining Room or Kitchen

With a Kessler Silver metal frame, this dining table can be enjoyed in either a dining room or kitchen setting. It comes with a Cafelle laminate top. The Makers of Cool added a pencil drawer for your convenience.

We would love your business. To see more of our furniture products, take a look around our catalogs. If you see something you like or have a questions, you can contact us online or give us a call at 800.423. LOFT (5638). Whether you are looking to furnish a university, an apartment complex, a new development, or even off-campus house, University Loft can suit you up with what you need. Orders can be shipped at short notice.

University Loft Company wants your furniture buying experience to be satisfying. We are committed to producing top-quality furniture that provides the best value to you. We are innovators manufacturing products to improve student residence furniture, off-campus housing, apartment and new developments. Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides is the creative force behind University Loft Company. His vision for loft beds was only the beginning of the accomplishments done in student housing through this company.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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