Kitchen Island or Kitchen Table

University Loft Company offers a large selection of fabulous items. Sometimes the biggest task is choosing which one you want. Today, let’s take on the challenge of deciding which is better for you: a kitchen island or a kitchen table. When you love the idea of having a kitchen island, but you only have room for either a kitchen table or an island, you have to weigh your options. Round Parsons Table

The Kitchen Table

University Loft has a variety of stylish and classic durable dining tables that will work like a dream in the kitchen. For a larger group, The Parsons Rectangle seats six. If you have a smaller group, The Parsons Round may be just right. If you love high tops, we have two-seaters and four-seaters.Black Bar Height Dining Table

The dining tables come in solid wood tops and iron frames or laminate and metal. All are sleek and sturdy.

Have a look at some of these.

The Kitchen Island

A Kitchen Island from University Loft is versatile and beautifully styled. They are portable, so you can move them easily like a cart, and they come in two sizes.Kitchen Island

Here is where you may choose the kitchen island over the kitchen table. The island contains shelves beneath. Hooks are included for hanging pans, utensils, potholders, or towels. If your fall short on storage, this piece will help make up for it.

 The heat-resistant top is made of 100% real granite stone.

Which do you think will work best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Fun Fact:

Some of the most common items in the kitchen are knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons. Some of the more unusual items are avocado slicer, ice cream slicer, microwave s’mores maker, and strawberry stem remover.

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