Four Easy Steps to Clean and Disinfect Your Furniture

They are going to start pulling out and putting up the Christmas decorations at University Loft Company shortly. It’s going to be festive and fun, for sure! During the holidays, there will be decorating, parties, gatherings, and lots of opportunities for accidents to happen to your furniture. That’s why ULC offers up four easy steps to clean and disinfect your furniture. Today we will look at how simple it is to clean the upholstery furniture.


You can’t ever go wrong when cleaning with soap. For your upholstery, you can use specific cleaner for upholstery or liquid soap. Both will do the trick. Apply a small amount to a wet cloth. Too much soap and you will be cleaning up suds for a few days. 

Be Gentle

Gently rub the stained area. Your patient work should be able to remove the stain.

Clean Damp Cloth

With a clean damp cloth remove the soap and use a dry cloth to sop up extra moisture.

If that Doesn’t Do It

Some stains are stubborn. You may need to remove the fabric to have it cleaned. University Loft uses Velcro® Technology, and the beauty of this knowledge comes in to play here. It allows you to detach the material from the cushion. This is also helpful if you need to repair or replace the material.

These steps will help you have a clean and safe place to enjoy the holidays this season. We at University Loft Company hope that they are the best times yet for you and yours.

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