I love to study. I have my face crammed in a book a lot, but when I’m confined to a little space with my books and tablet and everything I need, it makes study time more of a balancing act then learning time. I need student furniture that works with me, not against me. You know what I’m talking about – so trying to find the right place that is comfortable and spacious when you really don’t have much space, and, on top of that, you find yourself cramped between pieces of student housing furniture and dorm room beds, can be as much work as trying to study. College furniture should meet student housing needs.

University Loft Company has the perfect dorm room solution for those who need space where there is no space.

University Loft Bunk Bed

Dorm Room Solutions

Because studying is so important for every student, having the proper place to study is one of University Loft Company’s priorities. Desks that fit perfectly beneath loft beds create an atmosphere conducive for quality concentration. At University Loft Company, they come in all styles. Have a look at the detailed catalogs and see which dorm room furniture style best fits your needs. You will find college room furniture with desks in which there is plenty of room for a computer and books. The desk also has drawers for storage. Clothing drawers can fit right under the bed too. There are loft beds and bunk beds, wardrobes, shelves, two positioned chairs all convenient for use in places where space is not so opportune. LOFT makes cool furniture!

Now with the perfect dorm room solution to your college furniture needs, you can go out and be epic in your awesomeness.

~Ginger Bock

The success of James Jannetides and University Loft Company serves as an example of what can be done when one man has the confidence and ambition to turn a dream into a reality.


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