Back to School at College Means Back to University Loft Dorm Room Furniture

University Loft Graduate Series Srudent Furniture ConfigurationsSeems like summer gets shorter and shorter each year, doesn’t it? For most of us, that would seem to be bad news. After all, a short summer means outdoor projects still not finished while it is back to the workaday grind. But if you are a college student, chances are pretty good that the end of summer not only means back to school; it also means back to the dorm room outfitted with the solid wood, modular student furniture from University Loft. And THAT can be reason to celebrate!

You see, when you walk back into the dorm room and find ULoft furniture there, what you’ll really find is quality and possibility. After all, University Loft college residence life furniture is the strongest around. In independent laboratory testing, the Environmentally Farmed Timber we use has been proved stronger than the Northern Red Oak others think should be the industry standard. But the quality of University Loft dorm room furniture goes beyond just the solid wood material we use. On top of that we use state-of-the-art manufacturing and construction techniques like English dovetail joints in our drawers, corner blocks in our dresser frames, and 3-inch by 3-inch posts on our dorm room bunk beds.

But probably the best thing about being back on campus and moving back into your dorm room is the chance you have to make the room your own thanks to the seemingly endless furniture arrangement possibilities. Want to loft your bed over your roommate’s bed? No problem! Want to tuck your desk underneath your lofted bed? Easy-peasy. Same thing for your dresser or under-bed drawers. You might be limited only by your imagination (and what your roommate will go along with, of course).

So welcome back to campus! University Loft student dorm room furniture is there to make you feel right at home.

To learn more about the modular student furniture from University Loft, click here or contact us today at 800-423-LOFT (5638).


The ULoft Blog Team

About University Loft Company and our solid wood modular residence life furniture:

Since 1984, when James Jannetides built a loft configuration for his own dorm room at Southern Illinois University, hundreds of thousands of college students have enjoyed better campus living thanks to University Loft furniture. Today, University Loft serves more than 1,200 colleges, universities and related student housing partners. As Jannetides’ says: “We are always learning, always innovating, and always improving … our environment, our products, and our service. We are University Loft Company.”

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