Adjustable Desk Crafted for Movement

Have you ever sat in one position for so long that when you finally get up you can barely move because of how stiff your joints became? No? Just me? Okay, well, it could happen. We all need to keep moving throughout the day. Do you count you have a device that counts steps throughout the day? Getting up and moving around, will help you gain more without cheating. Think of the calories you’re burning too.  If you are spending a lot of time inside, working, researching, or studying from your desk, remember to keep moving every so often.  Having a balance of movement and rest throughout the day will help keep you healthy. University Loft Company has crafted a desk for movement. The Adjustable Desk.

How it Works

You simply hook the desk to the University Loft bed end slats. The desk moves with ease so you can make the switch from sitting to standing with a swift adjustment. When you want to stand, you move the adjustable desk up to the height that you need it. When you weary of standing, you do the same thing and move the desk to the sitting position.

Added Bonus

How many times have we found our devices with super low batteries in desperate need of a charge? Okay, too many to count. Well, the Adjustable Desk has a built-in charging station with movable mounting brackets. You can charge your devices while you are working at your desk.

When You Sit

The Two-Position Chair is a good chair for behind the desk. It will help you maintain good posture as you work or study. When you get tired and need to stretch, the bow at the bottom of the legs allows you to rock and stretch while sitting.

We also have desk chairs that are padded and ergonomically built.

Our catalogs will offer you a more extensive view of the fine furniture products we manufacture. If you see something you like, or if you have any questions, you can contact us here or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A qualified Uloft representative will help you. If you need something in a hurry, ask about our Stocked and Ready items. We would love to do business with you.

Founder and owner, James N. Jannetides says, “We are a company with ethics. Integrity is more than a word. We manufacture furniture the right way.” As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft is honored to work with a high standard of ethics that continue to bring innovative ideas for university furniture, off-campus housing, apartment and new development furnishings and military housing.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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