7 Super Cool Ways to LOFT Your Room

LOFT beds are amazing. When I say LOFT, I’m talking about beds crafted and built by University Loft Company. A student room with LOFT beds is already a better room. Did you know that there several ways that you can take a bed from University Loft Company and configure it to best fit your style and room size?  Check out 7 super cool ways to LOFT your room.University Loft Graduate Series Srudent Furniture Configurations

Get One

The first and most important way to LOFT your room is to get a twin bed and mattress from University Loft Company. You can receive a mattress plan that will help extend its life.

Now let’s look at some of these epic configurations.

Twin Alone

If you have a room to yourself and space isn’t a question, you can create a nice arrangement to suite your taste. In the photo above you see the desk is placed at the foot of the bed and finished with a Two-Position Chair. Under the bed are drawer chests. 

Up OneMetropolitan Jr Loft

With the Junior Loft, you raise the bed high enough to make even better use of the space beneath the bed. Pictured are drawer chests under the bed, a desk and Two-Position Chair. The space under the bed can be used for extra storage.

Open It Up

Our Tool-Less System™ makes lifting your twin bed up to an Open Loft easy. You don’t need tools, and it is completed in three easy steps. In the photo at the top of the page, a three-drawer chest, a desk, and a chair are placed directly under the lofted bed. If your have room for a desk somewhere else, this is a good place to put a soft lounge chair and an end table.  That’s a great place to study or relax.

Up High or Down Low

In this traditional style, you and your roomie can enjoy sharing the room without getting into each other’s space. This is set up just like the twin only bunked.

Close to the Floor

The Junior Crew version of bunking the beds is super cool and keeps you closer to the floor.  Place shelves or nightstands on the ends of the beds, and you are left with plenty of room for drawer chests under one of the beds.

 Another Way to Bunk

The Senior Crew, like The Junior Crew gives you a different angle and position with the beds allowing you to fit a few more items under them. As you can see here, the drawer chest doubles for a nightstand while you can also complete the room with shelves and a desk and Two-Position Chair.

And there you have it! 7 super cool ways to LOFT your room—The University Loft Way!

Fun Fact

Though there is no actual date as to when the bunk bed was invented, it is commonly determined that they came from ancient Egypt. It is also very likely that they looked very different from today’s bunk bed.

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