7 Helpful Ways to Stay Focused

Researching subjects in which I’m unfamiliar is a challenge. It’s not always easy to stay focuses while finding out interesting facts about, say, how snapping turtles travel during mating season and how that influences egg prices across the US, or something like that. Anyway, sometimes staying focused can be difficult, so I did a little research on how I can better remain on target, and I’d like my findings ith you. Here are 7 helpful ways to stay focused.

Start at the Beginning

For example, when I start to clean a room, I start at one end and don’t stop until I get to the other end. Boom, clean room. Organizing with a super cool University Loft modulating furniture can help it go smoother. The neatness of a person is also influential on rapid results.

Set Goals

You can only do so much in 24 hours, and you have to sleep at some point. Set reasonable goals that you can accomplish. Don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too much on the To Do Today List.  You could set weekly goals then break them down into daily achievements. You may even set hourly goals to help you stay on target. So sit back in a Uloft Two-Position chair behind your University Loft writing desk and write out your goals.

Motivation Time

When you need to psych yourself up to get something done, take a minute to encourage yourself in what you are about to do. Set a timer for one minute and tell yourself that you will start your project as soon as the alarm sounds. The Orbital is a great seat to climb into and take a minute to get motivated. When timer goes off, you should be ready to go.

Pep Talk

For a little extra encouragement, ask a friend to give you a pep talk. Just a few inspiring words from another person can make a big difference.  

Task Sheet

Keep a task sheet and track your accomplishments. As you cross things off your list, you will see how much you are getting done.

Take a Break

Whenever I get stuck, I step away and take a break from what I am doing. Sometimes I get brilliant ideas while walking my dog. Stepping away can be just the refreshing you need to carry on.

Be Separate

To stay better focused, separate your entertainment area from your work area.

Whether for a job or school, I hope these tips help you focus on your accomplishments. Let me know if you have any suggestions you can add to this.

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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