3 Items that Will Brighten a Dull Room

You look around your student residence hall and sigh. This place needs help! The rooms are dull. The furniture is old. You need something that will – make a difference. You need University Loft Company. Let me suggest 3 items that will brighten a dull room. Come with me as we explore.

The Adventure Begins on the TopMetropolitan Open Loft

You have a twin bed. It just sits there useful for sleeping but it seems to be in the way. With ULC you can raise it off of the floor making a loft bed and opening up space beneath it. We make this process easy with our Tool-Less System™. This extra added space will enable you to set a desk under the bed, some drawers, or a chair.

Best Seat in the Room2 Position Chair

It is good to move around when you have to sit in one place for long periods of time. With the Two-Position chair, you are able to move around while you have to spend time behind the desk studying or working. The chair is made so that it tilts back – not quite a rocker but allows you to lean back. When you rock back, you won’t break the legs of your chair. It’s awesome for a quick stretch. You can get them upholstered or in solid wood. Crafted for comfort, University Loft helps you keep moving.

Stack and Store

Brighten your room with stackable drawer chests. These roomy drawers fully extend and have heavy duty drawer glides. This makes getting belongings much easier. You can stack them on top of each other or set them side-by-side.

These 3 items will brighten a dull room, but there are many more that could make a big difference in your student residence. You should see all the other university furniture we offer. And you can. Check out our catalogs. If you see something you like or have any questions, you can contact us or give us a call at 800-423- LOFT (5638). A skilled University Loft representative will be available to help you. If you need something quickly, that’s not a problem for us because we ship orders at short notice. We also carry apartment and multi-family unit furnishings, military housing and off-campus housing. You can ask a rep for details. We would love your business.


Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides says, “We are a company with ethics. Integrity is more than a word. We manufacture furniture the right way.” As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft is honored to live by a high standard of ethics that continue to bring innovative ideas for university furniture, off-campus housing, apartment furnishings and military housing.

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock




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