We Need to Get a Kitchen Island from Loft

The dinner guests were going to arrive in 2 hours. Maurice and Sally were desperately moving about the small kitchen trying to get the meal completed. Every few moments, one of them would say, “Excuse me.” Or “I’m sorry.” Or “Pardon me.” Because they kept bumping into each other. The tiny counter was full, and Sally had no room to chop the vegetables. She placed the cutting board on the edge of the sink and carefully sliced the vegetables. Still more dropped into the basin than the bowl. When she finally finished, she picked up the bowl, turned around, ran right into Maurice. Vegetables flew into the air and onto the floor. Sally groaned.

“You know what we need to do?” Maurice said bending over to pick up the spilled garden.

“Dine out?” She offered

“No.” He smiled. “We need to get a Kitchen Island from Loft.”

Sally looked back at the limited counter space then back at her husband. “Tell me more.”

Maurice opened his tablet and pulled up information on the Kitchen Island from Loft.

The Makers of Cool have created The Kitchen Islands, and they will offer the added counter space you may need in your kitchen. They are durable and aesthetic. Your kitchen will be beautified all the more with this island, and it will serve its purpose for years to come.

With two sizes, small and large, it will fit in most kitchens, but you can also move it around, put it in the dining room, or use it in the center of the kitchen while meals are being prepared then move it out of the way when you are finished.Large Mobile Kitchen Island

It comes with shelves for storage and decorations and hooks for hanging items.

With a 100% real granite stone top which is heat resistant, the island is perfect for rolling out dough for some tasty treats. It can also be used for family crafts or other projects you are working on.

Pull up a couple of Loft stools and enjoy your meal right at the island.Kitchen Mobile Island Large Front

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Until Next Time ~ Ginger Bock

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