Tiny House Transformations are Amazing. So are Tiny Dorm Room Transformations with University Loft Dormitory Furniture.

James Jannetides and First Loft Bunk Beds Before University Loft Company

The First Loft

Dorm room transformations begin with the same problem faced by owners of tiny houses and tiny apartments: how to maximize space in your tiny living quarters without losing comfort, style and livability. Thanks to University Loft Company, students in dorm rooms across America and around the world have been doing just that since 1986.

In recent years, as people become more conscious of overcrowding, as well as their physical and carbon footprints, the tiny living space has come into vogue. But James Jannetides, the visionary leader of University Loft Company, was – as usual – ahead of his time when he built his first loft bed dorm room environment in 1986. What James discovered then – and what remains true today, is that by being creative and going vertical, you can create extra space to turn that tiny dorm room into a more spacious and comfortable place to live and learn on the college campus.

Going vertical? Yep. While University Loft college student furniture today gives you dozens of possible dorm room furniture arrangements, the first loft in James’s dorm room at Southern Illinois University utilitized the concept of lofting the beds. That created valuable floor space beneath for other dormitory furniture. Today, University Loft makes it easier than ever to convert your residence hall living quarters into just the right arrangement to maximize not only your space, but also comfort, style and livability. Our student furniture is modular, meaning that it is designed and manufactured to be moved, joined, stacked, lofted, bunked… Well, you get the idea. And the idea is better on-campus living through dorm room transformations! University Loft makes it all possible. Now maybe those tiny house people should use our furniture, too. Hmmm…

To learn more about University Loft’s modular college student furniture for tiny dorm rooms, click here or contact us today at 800-423-LOFT (5638).


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About University Loft Company and our solid wood modular residence life furniture:

Since 1984, when James Jannetides built a loft configuration for his own dorm room at Southern Illinois University, hundreds of thousands of college students have enjoyed better campus living thanks to University Loft furniture. Today, University Loft serves more than 1,200 colleges, universities and related student housing partners with superior college furniture. As Jannetides’ says: “We are always learning, always innovating, and always improving … our environment, our products, and our service. We are University Loft Company.”

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