Refresh and Rejuvenate with University Loft Furniture

After all the musicals, shopping, baking, office parties, programs, wrapping, and cheese balls, I bet you are ready to relax. Maybe select a nice mindless movie to sit back and catch a second wind before you’re back at it once again. At University Loft Company, we understands the importance of taking time out. Everyone needs it. That is why we build our furniture with your comfort in mind. Take a minute to refresh and rejuvenate with University Loft furniture at this time and any time of the year.

Rhodes SeriesUniversity Loft has a large variety of fashionable lounge and living room furniture. No matter the series, you will get furniture that is built University Loft strong. That means it can withstand heavy duty daily use and then some. If you select something from our upholstered series, we have a vast array of fabrics to choose. Additionally, we have a selection of finishes for you to hand-pick. This makes our lounge and living room furniture an easy match for what you already have. Just talk to one of our skilled Uloft representatives to find out what is best for your place.

Now, imagine coming home after a long day of holiday activities and allowing yourself the privilege of plopping into a University Loft sofa. It’s just what the doctor ordered! But we have more than just sofas. We have chairs and end tables, entertainment centers and dining tables, not to mention all the cool things for the bedroom. Take a minute and have a look for yourself at our catalogs. What you will find is durable, long lasting, stylish and comfortable furniture. So refresh and rejuvenate with University Loft furniture.Lounge and Living Casegoods

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the various products we carry, please give us a call at 800.423.LOFT (5638) or contact us here. A LOFT representative is available to help you. Remember orders can be shipped at short notice. Thank you for your business.

As a leader in the furniture industry, University Loft Company continues to create products that universities, military housing and family housing need. CEO and founder, James N. Jannetides has an incredibly positive personality that encourages the development of continuous innovative production.


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