Plan Your Future from the Perfect Dorm Room

Dreams don’t just come when you are sleeping. They can come full on in the middle of the day or right after you awaken. The place where you make your plans for the future needs to fit you. Let University Loft help you set up your place so you can plan your future from the perfect dorm room.

You Have a Dream You Need a Plan

An idea that comes and goes is not necessarily a dream you should run after. You know when a dream is deep inside you, and a vision you should pursue when it doesn’t leave you. That is the dream you don’t want to let escape you. Now, make a plan to bring that idea from dream state to reality.

Put the Idea in Writing

Sit down behind a University Loft desk, grab a pen and paper (kick it old school), and pen your dream. From writing desks to pedestal desks, we have what you need.

First write down your idea. Then write down beginning ways to execute it. Keep it simple enough to do, not too big to discourage you, but big enough to challenge you.

Get Further with a Chair

If you have a desk but not a chair, you can’t get very far. Select from a Two-Position metal chair that you can tilt in while you work out your plan, our fabulous Task Chair which is great at a desk, check out the Hampton that doubles as a stand along chair, or choose from one of our many other chairs.


You may not have gobs of space in your dorm, so loft your bed and climb to the top where you can capture lofty plans for your dream to come to pass. Don’t forget to take your paper and pen to record your thoughts.  

Beneath your lofted bed, you can place your desk and add a nice chair in which to find solace.  Or you should consider the Eclipse. Its secluded sides and back allow you to fall into your thoughts without interruption.

Check out more of our student room furniture in our catalogs. If you need to talk to a Uloft representative, contact us here or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). Do you need an item or furniture right away? Ask your representative about our Quick Ship Program. We might have something stocked and ready to ship to you. We would love your business.

“I wanted to extend a message of appreciation while either welcoming you to University Loft Company for the first time or welcoming you back. Since 1986 University Loft Company has been committed to serving our partners with superior products and services. Since the company’s start in a residence hall at Southern Illinois University by the founder, James Jannetides, to where we are in 2021 with the state-or-the-art HQ /  Factory in Morristown, TN with global partners and offices, the vision and practice is still in place, always learning, always innovating, always improving.” –Jeff Carlson, president—University Loft

Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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