Did You Know We Use Hardwood Proven Stronger than Others?

There are some items that are not so good if they are hard: an avocado, molding clay, a math problem, and a heart for example. There are other items that are much better hard: an egg, floors, ice skating rinks, and wood. At University Loft Company we like to make sure that our product is manufactured with hard steel and hardwood. Did you know that we use hardwood proven stronger than others? It’s true. You see, in independent tests, the timber we use, Hevea brasiliensis, has been proven to be stronger than Northern Red Oak. We call this wood, Environmentally Farmed Timber or EFT. From it we build furniture that will last for years to come. Generations of people can use the same product. That’s The University Loft way. Whether your ULC furniture is used for student residence or new developments; for off-campus housing or military housing; for apartment complexes or lounges, the results will be the same. High quality, high standards and long lasting furniture that will satisfy your needs for many years.

Great Features about our Hardwood

Eco-friendly: Our Environmentally Farmed Timber is good to our natural world. Its 25-30 year lifespan produces latex that, as you know, can be used for many different items. When the latex stops generating, the trees are cleared and new ones are planted. The wood is not burned nor does it go to waste. It is used for furniture and other products. This is just another reason University Loft Company chooses to use EFT.

Beauty: The tone is for the most part light. The grain swirls with lines and markings that are very similar to oak. The hardwood is beautiful for all types of furniture. You can also have it stained and finished in other tones. Just let us know what you would like.

University Loft offers an array of furnishings perfect for universities, homes, lounges, and our military. Would you like to have a look at some of our hardwood furniture? Check out our catalogs. If you see something you like or have a question about any of the products, you can contact us or give us a call at 800-423-LOFT (5638). A Uloft representative will be available to help you.

Founder and CEO, James N. Jannetides directed University Loft to adopt a green initiative when the company was still very young, and we became a model for others to be environmentally responsible. When you purchase furniture from University Loft Company, you are helping to support a healthier environment.

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