Did You Know the Murphy Bed Was Invented Out of Necessity?

When Space Counts

When every bit of space counts so does every piece of furniture. That’s why University Loft Company has the Murphy Bed as a part of the products we offer. The innovative bed is perfect for small living spaces. Folded and put away during your waking hours, it allows you more living space. When it’s time to go to sleep, it folds down and creates a warm and welcoming bedroom. It’s ingenious for small living areas.

The History of the Murphy Bed

Did you know that the Murphy Bed was invented out of necessity? Well, at least according to legend, the Murphy Bed was invented out of necessity. The bed was named after its creator, William Lawrence Murphy. As legend has it, he wanted to entertain a lady in his one-room apartment. However, it would be inappropriate for a gentleman to bring a lady to his room with a bed in it appearing that he would be bringing her into his bedroom. Thus, he created a bed that could be lifted into the wall making his one-room apartment suitable for entertaining his lady-friend. The invention was patented at the turn of the 20th century and to this day, the Murphy Bed exists. University Loft finds it a useful piece of furniture.

Murphy Bed Kitchen IslandNot Just Space Saving

Even if you do not live in a small home, this bed could work in a room you would like to double as a guest bedroom. If you have a room that you use as an entertainment or television center, or say a sewing or craft room, this bed will be out of your way until you have company, then you can unfold it and have a place for guests to stay. The Murphy Bed from ULC is perfect for that.

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