Comfort and crash prevention with the ULoft two-position chair

Two Position Chair

I’ve posted a bit on how ULOFT is working to conserve the natural environment. Today I thought I’d talk about how we’re working to enhance the university environment! Both goals go hand in hand. After all, growing and harvesting wood in an environmentally responsible manner only has meaning if we’re doing something with that wood to make people’s lives more comfortable and fun.

A favorite pastime of many a bored student sitting on an equally boring four-legged chair is to tip the chair back in an attempt to balance on only the back two legs. I know this from personal experience. All too often, however, the balancing act ends in both chair and student toppling over backwards with a violent crash. And this, too, I know from personal experience!

Two Position Chair

This activity isn’t very good for either the chair or the student. Yet leaning back does provide an undeniable comfort factor, and thus students have persisted in the practice despite, or perhaps because of, the risks. For many decades, perhaps centuries or even millennia, various authority figures scolded students about this habit. I often wonder how “Don’t lean back in your chair!” was expressed in ancient Greek and Latin.

We at ULOFT, however, thought, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Hence, the two-position chair, the sled base of which is constructed so that the student can either sit upright or lean back without tipping over. The chair even allows one to rock back and forth in a particularly comfortable way.

Sure, it’s not quite as exciting as the balancing act of yore, with its often cataclysmic finish. Yet, when students find ULOFT two-position chairs waiting for them in their dorm rooms and elsewhere on campus, their first impression is, “Wow. Someone gets it.”

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