University Loft is a college furniture company with a big heart. Not only is fabulous dorm room furniture created and built in a variety of choices that can be easily reconfigured and fit into small spaces, but also where there are needs, Loft will help meet them. During the Holiday season, we all think more about giving gifts and helping others out. There are many worthy not-for-profit organizations, and Loft has donated college furniture to places such as Cathedral High School, Hancock County Food Pantry, Mount Comfort Elementary School, and the John P. Craine House, a nonprofit work-release facility that offers the opportunity for women of non-violent crimes to reside with their children of preschool age while they serve out their sentence. These various organizations will put student furniture from University Loft to very good use. Many of the pieces are beds, dressers and nightstands allowing for all the comforts of home and leaving optimal space for even more great student furniture. University Loft’s dormitory furniture is not only sturdy but is also easy to assemble and because of its versatile configurations, makes the most out of smaller spaces.

Graduate Series natural Bunk Bed

Graduate Series natural Bunk Bed

As I said before, University Loft is a furniture company with a very big heart and has additionally given university furniture to many other organizations helping to meet needs that would otherwise go unmet. College furniture is the gift that keeps on giving.

We at University Loft Company wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season!


Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

University Loft Company is a leader in the furniture industry and continues to create innovative products. Founder and CEO, James Jannetides’ positive determination is an inspiration to many and encourages a new generation that they too can turn their aspiration into a manifestation.

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  • Jill Zapotocky

    Hello, I run a small nonprofit home for children in a Pennsylvania ..we are in desperate need of new bedroom furniture I was wondering what kind of a deal if any could you help us with!?


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