7 Hacks to a Neat Student Room for the Holidays

Do you decorate your student residence for the holidays? If so, you might find that adding more stuff to your already filled room could cause confusion and disorder at a higher level. Messes make it easy to lose precious items, dirt to accumulate, and germs to form.  Some people find it hard to concentrate when their place is disorderly. There are some simple tips that you can do to keep from being overwhelmed with the holiday extras. Check out these 7 hacks to a neat student room for the holidays. They can be used any time of the year but are especially effective during the holiday rush. You might want to pass them on to your roomies. It always helps when everyone is on the same page.

  1. Start Out RightBeds

Soon after you wake up, make your bed. You will have a feeling of accomplishment by completing one task. A made bed is the start to keeping the rest of your room in order.

  1. Put It Away

After you are finished decorating put away the extras. Get anything that clutters out of your way. Additionally, when you are done using something, put it back where it goes. It will keep your room neat in between cleanings.

  1. Laundry

Special party clothes are often worn during the holidays. Bring them to the front of your wardrobe to be available for you. And don’t wait until you have run out of underwear to do your laundry.

Fold your clothes when they come out of the dryer and at all costs avoid ironing. A simple hack to getting wrinkles out is to blast them with your hair dryer.

  1. A Clean Sweep

Sometimes you need to step away from your studies and freshen your brain. That is a good time to break out the broom and sweep the floor.

  1. Stack it Tall

When extra storage is needed for clothing and other items, University Loft has stackable drawer chests that can go against the wall or conveniently under your bed. This is a good place to temporarily store the room decorations you aren’t using for the holidays. Choose from our selection of series to best go with your room and needs.

  1. Store in the Drawer

The Makers of Cool have pedestal desks with large drawers. Their full-extension drawer glides open fully without Graduate Series Pedestal Desk in Wild Cherryfalling to the floor. Putting your notebooks, papers, books away in these drawers keep your room organized and clean.

  1. Spray It

Keep a spray bottle of disinfectant and a roll of paper towels nearby. If there is a spill, you have the stuff to remedy it right away.

I hope these hacks help! Happy Holidays!

Fun Fact

Another way to get wrinkles out of your clothes without ironing is to lay the item on a flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles then roll it tight. Put it under a mattress for 15 to 30 minutes. It’s ready to go!

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Until next time ~ Ginger Bock

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