Your private oasis of sophistication and style. Elevate your living space with our latest furniture collection, a seamless blend of Eastern grace and Western allure. Crafted from fine hides, reclaimed metals, crushed velvets, and vegan leather, SPUR is a symbol of luxury. Tribal and animal prints and mixed textiles add an exclusive touch. Saddle up for a journey into the epitome of refinement with SPUR.

Saddle up with the SPUR Collection from ULOFT and South Park Interiors
SPUR Collection: Hoof Sofa in Black

This notorious renegade, the Anya Horse Chair, is wanted for crimes of unparalleled elegance! Crafted with the spirit of the wild coursing through its veins, this outlaw chair flaunts the hides of the noble beasts that roam our Western plains, this its saddle inspired design and the rugged allure of untamed steeds, it’s been spreading a fever of envy and admiration across the frontier. Last seen trotting through the dusty streets and cozy cabins, this chair leaves a trail of whispers and longing in its wake. Handle with care, for it refuses to be corralled easily, if sighted, alert the authorities forthwith, and claim your reward of unbridled style and sophistication.

SPUR Collection: Anya Horse Chair

Strike gold with the FOOLS GOLD Coffee Table. Crafted with intricate geometric designs, it captures the spirit of the untamed West with a nod to Navajo craftsmanship. Gather around this centerpiece, where stories of the frontier come to life against its weathered surface.

Dark and discreet, the BLAZEN Dresser has a subtle elegance, a sort of Southern grace. Crafted from reclaimed woods, from scalded desert and canyon days, it offers both functionality and style to any bedroom space.

SPUR Collection: Fools Gold Coffee Table
SPUR Collection: Blazen Dresser

Drift down from the clouds and into the lap of luxury with the CIRRUS Swivel Chair. Designed for both comfort and style, its boucle texture and high arms offer a chaise-like feel that beckons you to unwind. Elevate your space with this piece that combines heavenly comfort with chic design.

Add a touch of rugged sophistication to your living space with the MESA Side Table. Featuring two-toned tarnished metals and reclaimed wood, it offers a perfect blend of industrial chic and natural beauty. Whether as a functional accent or a statement piece, this table brings a sense of authenticity to any room.

Channel the rebellious spirit of the Old West with the OUTLAW Side Chair. Featuring bent metals coated in vibrant hues, it adds a pop of color and personality to any space. Whether as a functional desk chair or a bold accent piece, let this chair be a testament to your fearless sense of style.

Raise a glass to unparalleled sophistication with the 53 GALLONS Chair. Inspired by the iconic whiskey barrels of the Old West, it boasts fine velvets, metal accents, and a timeless allure. Take a seat, indulge in its luxury, and let the spirit of the frontier wash over you in waves of comfort.

SPUR Collection Chairs

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