Graduate Five Rung Ladder

Five-rung ladder for use on the ends of Contract bed units.

Material: Hevea Brasiliensis (EFT)
Wood Stain Color: Natural

Dimensions: 14 3/4″W x 70 5/8″H

– Use the ladder only for entering and leaving the upper bunk.
– Use the ladder only when the upper bunk is located at pin positions 5 and 6 for the wood bed ends and in pin positions 7 and 8 for the metal bed ends. Approximately 11 ½” from the top of the bed end.
– Use the ladder only when the ladder is attached firmly to the upper bunk side rail (not the end rail) and the bottom of the ladder is resting firmly on the floor.
– Never horseplay on the ladder.
– Never hang items, including clothing, from the ladder.
– Never allow more than one person to use the ladder at one time.
– Never allow a child under 6 years of age to use the ladder.



10386 Five Rung Ladder