Graduate Bunk Bed


The Graduate Bunk Bed is ideal for tight spaces. Great by itself, adding the Graduate Two Drawer Chests as under-bed storage as well as the Graduate Pedestal Desk and Two Position Chair will create a complete bedroom solution.

The Graduate Bunk Bed comes in three different colors, Natural, Wild Cherry, and Cafelle.




Natural Wood Color Block

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry Color Block


Cafelle Color Block
Adjustable Height

Adjustable Height

Adjust as you grow. Our solid wood Graduate Series beds adjust easily to any height as needed no tools required.

Graduate Bed Ends

Four Graduate Bed Ends are included with purchase. Add additional bed ends for lofting the bed.

Graduate Series Bed Ends
Spring Unit

Graduate Spring Unit

Two Graduate spring units are included with purchase.

One Common Size

Easy assembly allows for mutliple configurations

Graduate Series Loop